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Serving in the Hills of Paraíso (Paradise)

Each month, we visit some of the most humble and kind people living in the hills of a small community called Paraíso (Paradise). These are immigrants living in Mexico known as the Trique and Mixteco people groups. They are hard workers and labor tirelessly in fields earning the equivalent of $10-$12 per day when work is available. Rain prevents work from being done in the fields, causing field workers to have no income to provide for their families. 

For many of these people, it is difficult to obtain basic necessities, including fresh water, food, and medical care. Some families live in makeshift homes, constructed from cardboard and tarps, which provides little protection from the elements.

Tragically, children as young as 12 years old leave school to help their families by caring for younger siblings while the parents work or join parents working in the fields. Blessing Bags International (BBI) has been blessed with many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of these families. We provide our amigos with monthly blessing bags of food, along with shoes and clothing. Over time, we have established personal connections and are able to address other needs. For example, we blessed a mother of six to ensure access to clean water and now regularly support women who create fair trade items.

You are invited to join us in sharing the gospel, addressing essential needs, and spreading God’s love among these people. Your support will make a meaningful difference in the lives of these struggling immigrants.

Mission Center and Home in Paraíso (Paradise)

Our mission extends beyond serving the local families living in Mexico; we are excited to provide family-friendly mission trip opportunities. 

As we embark on the journey of establishing a presence in Ensenada, B.C., México, the Lord has graciously blessed us by providing a property where we can put down roots and build a ministry center and home in Paraíso (Paradise!) Lots of building supplies are needed and many hands to help complete the work. Having lived in our camper throughout the U.S. and in Mexico for nearly four years, we are eager to see how God works out the details of establishing a ministry center and home for us to live among the people we serve. We  invite you to consider partnering with us and join us on this journey!

Providing Food for Orphans

Blessing Bags come in all shapes and sizes. For Guardería Dios Provehera (God Will Provide Daycare) and Casa Hogar (Orphanage), it comes in the form of bags of groceries.

This daycare ministry offers a safe haven for children of the working poor in the hills of Maneadero, B.C., Mexico, providing free childcare for up to 50 children daily. These children receive the care and attention every child deserves, including food, basic hygiene, and clean clothing. The orphanage offers a loving and stable home to 28 children who were facing crises. In this nurturing, Christ-centered environment, these children acquire essential life skills and education, deepen their knowledge of the Lord, and experience God’s love through discipleship and meaningful relationships.

Consistent financial support is needed to ensure this critical ministry is equipped to continue providing for their most basic needs, including food. When financial support is inadequate, this ministry is unable to continue providing these vital services to the children and their families. 

With the help of Blessing Bags International, care packages of food have enabled these vulnerable children to continue receiving needed care and other services.  Join us and make an immediate and lasting impact in the lives of these children.

Serving the families at Comedor Genesis

A Comedor is essentially a soup kitchen, serving food to families in need. Comedor Genesis was established during the COVID pandemic. Its mission is to provide food to individuals who are struggling to provide for their basic needs in a community called El Zorrillo. They offer meals for up to 150 men, women, and children five times a week. Comedor Genesis has struggled to obtain basic foods, including beans and rice. Mayela, the founder, tirelessly reached out to people on Facebook and local churches for help. Obtaining the food necessary to feed these people physically has been a challenge. Finding a way to also feed these people spiritually was equally challenging. The gospel was only being shared on holidays such as Easter and Christmas. 

After Blessing Bags International joined forces with Comedor Genesis, everything has changed for the better and God’s glory! We began providing giant care packages containing one month of food for the comedor. The gospel is now shared before each meal, leading to transformative experiences in the lives of many. The comedor is now a place filled with hope. In addition to the monthly food care package, we hand out dispensa (bags of food) for families to take food home. We have distributed Bibles, clothes, shoes, reading glasses, and provided for other needs on a more personal level.

Join us as we continue to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of families at Comedor Genesis.